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Angle Heads
TAV Digital

The new standard on Variable Angle Heads

Facing Heads
FH series

The new High-Tech

Angle Heads
TA..CP series, the NEW generation

When your priority is for an optimize, economical, light weight head

Angle Heads
TAV series, for more Flexibility

Available now with coolant through

Angle Heads
TAR series

Limited space? Here is the solution!

Angle Heads
90° standard series

More than 80 types and sizes available for you!

Turret Head
HT series

Flexibility, Precision, and Speed for special purpose machines

Variable axis multi spindle heads
VH series

A product that made history. Since our beginning,

O.M.G. has continued to improve and innovate


The Big Technology for the Big Industry
Light duty angle heads
Angle heads
Spindle speeders
Turret heads
Fixed multispindle heads
Variable axis multispindle heads
Adjustable twin mulispindle milling head
Adjustable Joint Multispindle Head
O.M.G. Srl
World leader in production of industrial drilling and milling systems. Angle heads, multispindle heads with fixed and adjustable spindle distances, spindle speeders, revolver turret heads.
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